Legislation-102; Legislation Advocacy

The Legislative Process of the United States

The United States legislative process was by designed by our founding fathers to be difficult to pass Legislation without consensus.    The hope was to avoid superfluous and trivial Legislation.     Thanks to the Sunlight Foundation for creating this diagram to illustrate the key stake-holders and how the cycle of creation and action flows.  And of course ideally the process is conducted in a Transparent manner.

The tools within the My-representative.org Application are designed to facilitate the Legislative Process for several stake holders: Advocates Lobbyists Congress Members

Throughout American History the only good Legislation has come from the people. It is when the citizens rise-up together to support their common goals that they are able to affect National Policy. Until, that happens citizens remain spectators of the institution commonly referred to as the Do Nothing Congress. Only the citizens can "Fix Congress" Only the citizens can "Hold Congress Accountable."