Welcome to the My-Representative.org Volunteer page.   At My-Representative.org we value our volunteers very much, we recognize that without their dedication and support this web site and interactive application would not be possible.   Our volunteers all share a great love for our country and believe that the success of a Democracy like ours is the result of enthusiastic and passionate citizens.
Contact us at Volunteers(at)my-representative.org

We have organized our volunteers into several functional groups.  
Legislation Selection, Endorsements, Outreach, Get out the Vote, Fund Raisers - collection calls, walkathons, telethons, Staff support. Local groups-tabling at social events, Student Affairs, Education.

Congressional District Local Groups

My-Representative.org's primary volunteer organization is localized grassroots citizens.   No where can we find a better group of people to decide and determine which Legislation is the most important for the constituents of your neighborhood, town and congressional district.   Our founding father's recognized the importance of localized self determination, and designed our government to include the voices of the people in each region.   Not for one moment should citizen's consider their Member of Congress to be someone who works far far away in Washington D.C. deep inside of a complex and unreachable bureaucracy.   The fact is that regardless of how many millions of dollars national organizations press into your district to support a congressional candidate of their choice, the decision is made by the local voters.   Now is a great time to join your fellow voters and engage the Legislative Process in your congressional district.

The Ambassadors Club

Our Ambassadors work with Organizations to introduce ourselves, share our mission, examine common goals between our organizations and seek ways to connect our members.   This group is a great opportunity to liaison with organizations in your community that can benefit from our services.

The Thomas Jefferson Legislation Selection Club

We have a few dedicated individuals who work late into the night burning the midnight oil.   They would welcome support to carry forward the tasks of preparing the top-ten legislative items for each district.   We have a brief training program to bring volunteers up to speed.   The process is very straight forward.   The challenge is of course understanding the legislative text.   These tasks can be supported remotely, so that many members do their work at home.

The Paul Revere Communications Club

Every organization needs dynamic people to be Running around and delivering messages! In our case we are an internet based organization and much of our communication is via email, blogs, and press releases.   This group works in a fun way to deliver our most important communications.

The Benjamin Franklin New Inventions Club

Our New Inventions group works to consolidate the best ideas that come to us from our members and volunteers.   The group includes individuals with varied backgrounds in: political science, technology, financial services, government, health care, military, and engineering.   Please feel free to join this group and contribute to their quarterly meetings.

The Alexander Hamilton Fundraising Club

As the first treasurer of the United States Alexander Hamilton took charge of raising revenue for our new nation.   Our fundraisers lead our organization in gathering the resources needed to support our services to the American Voters.