To designate additional National Forest System lands in the State of Virginia as wilderness or a wilderness study area, to designate the Kimberling Creek Potential Wilderness Area for eventual incorporation in the Kimberling Creek Wilderness, to establish the Seng Mountain and Bear Creek Scenic Areas, to provide for the development of trail plans for the wilderness areas and scenic areas, and for other purposes.

10/23/2007--Passed House amended.    (There are 2 other summaries)

Virginia Ridge and Valley Act of 2007 - Designates certain lands in the Jefferson National Forest, Virginia (Brush Mountain and Brush Mountain East, Seng Mountain and Raccoon Branch, Stone Mountain, Hunting Camp Creek and Garden Mountain, Mountain Lake Additions, Lewis Fork Addition and Little Wilson Creek Additions, Shawvers Run Additions, Peters Mountain Addition, and Kimberling Creek Additions) as wilderness.

Designates certain lands in the Jefferson National Forest as: (1) the "Lynn Camp Creek Wilderness Study Area"; and (2) the "Kimberling Creek Potential Wilderness Area" for eventual incorporation in the Kimberling Creek Wilderness. Sets forth requirements regarding ecological restoration. Specifies that the Potential Wilderness Area be designated as wilderness and included in Kimberling Creek Wilderness on the earlier of: (1) the date on which the Secretary of Agriculture publishes in the Federal Register notice that the conditions in such Area that are incompatiblewith the Wilderness Act have been removed; or (2) five years after enactment of this Act.

Designates Seng Mountain and Raccoon Branch, and Bear Creek, as National Scenic Areas (Scenic Areas). Establishes such Areas for purposes of: (1) ensuring the protection and preservation of scenic quality, water quality, natural characteristics, and water resources; (2) protecting wildlife and fish habitat; (3) protecting areas that may develop characteristics of old-growth forests; and (4) providing a variety of recreation opportunities. Authorizes the Secretary to only allow such uses of the Scenic Areas as will further the purposes for which they are established.

Directs the Secretary to: (1) develop a management plan for such Scenic Areas; and (2) establish a trail plan for National Forest System (NFS) lands in order to develop hiking and equestrian trails on the lands in Jefferson National Forest designated as wilderness by this Act and non-motorized recreation trails within the Seng Mountain and BearCreek Scenic Areas. Instructs the Secretary to establish the trail plan in consultation with interested parties. Requires the Secretary to report on the implementation of such plan, including the identification of priority trails for development.

Directs the Secretary to develop a specified sustainable trail along the southern boundary of the Raccoon Branch Wilderness connecting to forest development road 49352 in Smyth County.

Sets forth provisions regarding roads, vegetation management, motorized travel, fire, insects and disease, water, mining, mineral and geothermal leasing.

Permits motorized access to lands designated as wilderness or a wilderness study area by this Act when required in connection with an emergency involving the health and safety of persons, including search and rescue efforts or a response to an Amber Alert.

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