To require automobile dealers to disclose to consumers the presence of event data recorders, or "black boxes", on new automobiles, and to require manufacturers to provide the consumer with the option to enable and disable such devices on future automobiles.


Considers the event data recorder (EDR) and any data recorded to be the property of the vehicle owner. Makes EDR data retrieval by anyone other than the vehicle owner unlawful, except : (1) with the owner's consent; (2) in response to a court order; (3) by a vehicle dealer or an automotive technician for servicing the vehicle; or (4) for improving vehicle safety, provided the identity of the registered owner or driver is not disclosed.

Makes it unlawful to manufacture, sell, or import new automobiles for sale in the United States after 2009 (bearing a model year of 2010 or later) that are equipped with EDRs, unless those EDRs can be disabled by the consumer.

Treats a violation of EDR requirements of this Act as an unfair or deceptive act or practice under the Federal Trade Commission Act.

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