To authorize the Urban Areas Security Initiative Grants Program of the Department of Homeland Security, and for other purposes.


Urban Area Security Initiative Grant Enhancement and Authorization Act of 2007 - Authorizes the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to carry out an Urban Areas Security Initiative Grants Program, under which the Secretary may make grants: (1) to purchase equipment, conduct exercises, and provide training and technical assistance to state and local first responders and for facilities to provide training or assistance to responders; and (2) to provide reimbursement for specified expenses if 100 or more personnel in the relevant jurisdiction are dedicated exclusively to counterterrorism and intelligence activities.

Directs the Secretary to make such grants: (1) generally in accordance with the procedures, terms, and conditions under which grants were made under the program in FY2005; and (2) based solely on a quantitative assessment of the risk of a terrorist attack on high-threat, high-density urban areas that considers the threat of a terrorist attack to particular assets and the vulnerability of particular assets to, and the consequences of, such an attack.

Directs the Secretary, upon finding any problem in a grant application, to notify the applicant and provide an opportunity to correct it before making a grant. Makes: (1) fund allocations and grant approvals by the Secretary subject to modification by the President; and (2) provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act regarding the state and local domestic preparedness support grant program inapplicable.

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