To provide an option to proceed with an action in any Federal court to recover actual damages for physical or property damage in a major disaster that proximately results from the failure or negligence of the Army Corps of Engineers in the design, construction, or maintenance of a project for which the Corps is legally responsible.


Federal Engineering Accountability Act of 2007 - Provides that an action may be brought only in federal court for actual, not punitive, damages against the Army Corps of Engineers for its failure or negligence to design, construct, or maintain a project, adversely impacted in a major disaster, for which the Corps is legally responsible. Establishes the Federal Engineering Accountability Commission to determine the Corps' failure or negligence after such a disaster and to report to the Secretary of the Army and the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Permits such an action for injury, loss of property, personal injury, or death to proceed only if a claimant can demonstrate that: (1) the Corps admitted that it failed or was negligent; or (2) the Commission determines that the Corps failed or was negligent.

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