To protect voting rights and to improve the administration of Federal elections, and for other purposes.


Voting Opportunity and Technology Enhancement Rights Act of 2009 - Amends the Help America Vote Act of 2002 with respect to: (1) use of a national federal write-in absentee ballot; (2) verified ballots; (3) preservation of voting records; (4) requirements for counting provisional ballots; (5) minimum required voting systems and poll workers in polling places; (6) standards for establishing the minimum required voting systems and poll workers; (7) election day registration; (8) removal from voter registration list; (9) early voting; (10) voting systems and voter registration; (11) Internet registration; (12) voter identification; (13) election administration requirements; (15) required use of publicly available open source software in voting machines; (16) standards for conducting recounts; and (17) standards for prohibiting conflicts of interest of entities involved in manufacture, distribution, or other activities relating to voting machines.

Amends the federal criminal code to: (1) prohibit deceptive practices in federal elections; (2) modify the penalty for voter intimidation; and (3) prohibit voter caging and other questionable challenges.

States that the right of an individual citizen of the United States to vote in any election for federal office shall not be denied or abridged because that individual has been convicted of a criminal offense, unless such individual is serving a felony sentence in a correctional institution or facility at the time of the election.

Treats election day in the same manner as a legal public holiday for purposes of federal employment.

Directs the Comptroller General to study and report to Congress and the President on the impact of such treatment on voter participation.

Expresses the sense of Congress that private employers in the United States should give their employees a day off on the Tuesday after the first Monday in 2010 and each even-numbered year thereafter to enable them to cast votes in the elections held on that day.

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