To improve efficiency in the Federal Government through the use of high-performance green buildings, and for other purposes.


High-Performance Green Buildings Act of 2007 - Directs the Administrator of General Services to establish an Office of High-Performance Green Buildings. Requires the Office Director to: (1) establish a Green Building Advisory Committee; (2) carry out public outreach; (3) develop and recommend a high-performance green building research plan; (4) analyze current budget and contracting practices that affect achievement of high-performance green buildings; and (5) develop and implement a comprehensive indoor air quality program for federal facilities.

Requires the Director to identify incentives to encourage the use of green buildings and related technology in federal government operations.

Requires the Director of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy to: (1) revise applicable acquisition regulations; and (2) issue guidance to federal procurement executives on renegotiating proposed facilities design, existing facilities renovations, and leased facilities improvements.

Requires the Director to consult with the Committee to assist in the implementation of the Environmental Stewardship Scorecard announced at the White House Summit on federal sustainable buildings in 2006.

Requires the Office to carry out specified demonstration projects at federal buildings and universities to contribute to its research goals.

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