To impose certain limitations on the receipt of out-of-State municipal solid waste, and for other purposes.


Solid Waste Interstate Transportation Act of 2009 - Amends the Solid Waste Disposal Act to prohibit a landfill or incinerator (facility) from receiving out-of-state municipal solid waste (MSW) for disposal or incineration unless the waste is received pursuant to a new or existing host community agreement or an exemption from this prohibition (which may be limited by the state). Establishes conditions for exemptions.

Authorizes states to establish limits on the amount of out-of-state MSW received annually for disposal at each facility. Sets the limitation amount for any facility that began receiving documented out-of-state waste before enactment of this Act at the amount received during 1993 (or first subsequent year of documentation). Prohibits state limits from conflicting with permits or host community agreements.

Authorizes states to require that a permit for a new or expanded facility include an annual limitation of not less than 20% on the total quantity of out-of-state MSW relative to the total waste received by the facility. Requires percentage limitations to be uniform and not discriminate against out-of-state MSW according to state of origin.

Allows states to limit the amount of out-of-state MSW received annually at each facility to the amount received during 1995 if the state has a comprehensive, statewide recycling program. Prohibits discrimination against shipments of such waste on the basis of state of origin.

Authorizes states to require inspectors to be onsite during operation of a facility that receives out-of-state MSW.

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