To improve energy and water efficiencies and conservation throughout the Department of Veterans Affairs, and for other purposes.


Department of Veterans Affairs Energy Sustainability Act of 2009 - Directs the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to: (1) implement in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) an energy sustainability program to minimize energy consumption and encourage the use of alternative energy sources; (2) establish and maintain a database to track and report on VA energy and water expenditures; (3) complete an audit of VA energy usage during FY2010; (4) ensure VA compliance with an Executive Order and VA Directive concerning energy efficiency goals and objectives; (5) report to Congress on the use of funds for the installation of alternative fueling stations at 35 VA medical facility campuses; (6) submit to Congress a plan for increasing the use of energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies in VA facilities and operations; (7) provide for the installation of individual electric sub-metering equipment at VA facilities; (8) ensure that energy-efficient products meeting VA requirementsare purchased whenever the VA purchases items that consume electricity; and (9) conduct a study on water and fuel consumption by the National Cemetery Administration and ways to reduce such consumption.

Establishes in the VA: (1) an Office of Energy Management; and (2) the Advisory Committee on Energy Management and Sustainability.

Authorizes an increase in the dollar limit of VA grants for: (1) adaptive housing to encourage the use of high-efficiency systems and products or other energy-use reduction items; and (2) adaptive vehicles to encourage the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles.

Directs the Secretary and the Secretary of Energy to enter into a memorandum of understanding to improve and facilitate the use of expertise of the national laboratories to evaluate energy- and water-efficient technologies for use by the VA.

Authorizes the Secretary to carry out a pilot program to sell economic incentives that reduce the emission of air pollutants attributable to a VA facility./p>

Directs the Secretary or any other VA official required by law to submit a report to Congress to submit a copy of the report in an electronic format.


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