To establish a national integrated system of ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes observing systems, and for other purposes.


Integrated Coastal and Ocean Observation System Act of 2009 - Directs the President to establish a National Integrated Coastal and Ocean Observation System to: (1) support national defense, marine commerce, navigation safety, weather, climate, and marine forecasting, energy siting and production, economic development, ecosystem-based marine, coastal, and Great Lakes resource management, public safety and public outreach training and education; (2) promote awareness of ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes resources; (3) promote basic and applied scientific research; and (4) improve the ability to measure, track, explain, and predict weather and climate change and natural climate variability.

Requires the National Ocean Research Leadership Council to serve as the System's policy and coordination oversight body. Requires the Council to establish or designate an Interagency Ocean Observation Committee to prepare annual and long-term plans and to take other actions.

Makesthe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) the System's lead federal agency.

Sets forth the requirements for a regional information coordination entity to be certified or established.

Requires the Administrator to establish or designate a System Advisory Committee.

Requires the Council to develop a policy that defines processes for making decisions about the roles of the federal government, states, regional information coordination entities, the academic community, and the private sector in providing to end-user communities environmental information, products, technologies, and services related to the System.

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