To authorize the Secretary of the Interior, acting through the Bureau of Reclamation to enter into a cooperative agreement with the Madera Irrigation District for purposes of supporting the Madera Water Supply Enhancement Project.


Madera Water Supply Enhancement Act - Declares that the Madera Water Supply Enhancement Project, California, is feasible and that no further studies or actions regarding feasibility are necessary.

Requires all planning, design, and construction of the Project to be undertaken in accordance with a cooperative agreement between the Secretary of the Interior and the Madera Irrigation District. Authorizes the Secretary to enter into a cooperative agreement for the support of Project design and construction. Limits: (1) the total cost of the Project for purposes of determining the federal share; and (2) the federal share of Project capital costs.

Considers capital, planning, design, permitting, construction, and land acquisition costs incurred by the District prior to this Act's enactment to be part of the nonfederal share. Requires the District to receive credit toward the nonfederal share for: (1) in-kind services that the Secretary determines would contribute substantially toward completion of the Project; (2) reasonable costs incurred from participation in the planning, design, permitting, and construction of the Project; and (3) the acquisition costs of lands used or acquired for the Project.

Prohibits the Secretary from providing funds for operation or maintenance. Makes Project operation, ownership, and maintenance the sole responsibility of the District. Directs the Secretary, before obligating funds, to work cooperatively with the District to use plans, designs, and engineering and environmental analyses that have already been prepared by the District. Authorizes appropriations. Terminates the Secretary's authority to carry out this Act 10 years after its enactment.

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