To improve the ability of Congress to set spending priorities and enforce spending limits.


Responsible Government Empowerment Act of 2009 - Establishes the Federal Agency Sunset Commission to review and report to Congress on the efficiency and public need for each federal agency, recommending abolishment or reorganization.

Provides for relocation of federal employees if their agency is abolished.

Directs the Comptroller General and the Director of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), in cooperation with the Director of the Congressional Research Service (CRS), to prepare an inventory of federal programs within each agency.

Makes it out of order in both chambers to consider any measure making supplemental appropriations for two or more unrelated emergencies.

Sets forth points of order against consideration of: (1) reported supplemental appropriations legislation and conference reports containing undesignated emergency spending; or (2) such legislation if the accompanying report or joint statement of managers, as applicable, is noncompliant with such requirement.

Requires the report accompanying legislation that provides budget authority for any emergency to identify specified budget authority and outlay requirements, including certain justifications.

Sets forth points of order against reporting legislation or considering conference reports making supplemental appropriations that contain earmarks.

Requires the congressional budget committees to report legislation: (1) establishing discretionary spending limits for at least each of the three years beginning at least 90 calendar days after such bill is reported; and (2) providing that such limits shall be enforeceable through presidential sequestration orders.

Sets forth points of order against consideration of legislation that authorizes a program, project, or activity without setting forth a specific dollar amount for such authorization.

Requires every measure reported by a congressional committee that authorizes a program, project, or activity to include a General Accounting Office(GAO) statement describing the degree to which such authorization is duplicative of an existing authorization.

Requires all legislation considered by Congress to include a CBO estimate of the costs which would be incurred in carrying out such legislation for a specified period.

Requires a recorded vote in both chambers on final passage of any legislation that authorizes the appropriations of more than $75 million for up to five fiscal years.

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