To establish a program of research, recovery, and other activities to provide for the recovery of the southern sea otter.


Southern Sea Otter Recovery and Research Act - Requires the Secretary of the Interior, acting through the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, to carry out a Recovery and Research Program for southern sea otter populations along the coast of California that includes: (1) monitoring, analysis, and assessment of population demographics, health, mortality, and life history parameters; and (2) implementation of measures to reduce or eliminate potential factors limiting populations that are related to marine ecosystem health or human activities.

Requires the Secretary to: (1) establish a peer-reviewed, merit-based process to award competitive grants for research regarding such otters and for projects assisting the recovery of otter populations; and (2) establish the Southern Sea Otter Scientific Advisory Committee to advise the Secretary on Program goals and priorities, recovery actions necessary to implement the Program, and grant proposals.

Requires the Secretary to report on: (1) the status of southern sea otter populations; (2) Program implementation; (3) endangered species consultations regarding southern sea otters; and (4) recommended actions to improve otter health, reduce mortality, and improve the health of coastal marine systems.

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