To reauthorize part D of title II of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.


Achievement Through Technology and Innovation Act of 2009 - Amends title II of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to reauthorize part D (Enhancing Education through Technology) through FY2015.

Alters the current program to require states to use a portion of their allotted funds to develop challenging academic content and achievement standards to ensure that students are technologically literate before the end of grade eight. Provides that such standards are only for tracking technological literacy and not for assessing adequate yearly progress (AYP) under title I. Permits technological literacy testing to be embedded in other state tests or performance-based assessments portfolios, or made through other valid and reliable means.

Requires states to use the bulk of their part D allotment for two new subgrant programs for local educational agencies (LEAs), devoting: (1) 60% for formula subgrants to improve teaching and learning through technology;and (2) 40% for competitive subgrants for systemic school reform through technology integration.

Requires LEAs to: (1) include a new or updated local long-range strategic educational technology plan in their applications; (2) use a specified percentage of each subgrant for teacher training; and (3) use each subgrant to acquire and apply technology to identify individual student learning needs and support individualized learning. Allows LEAs that receive funds for both programs to use all the funds for systemic school reform through technology integration program activities.

Directs the Secretary of Education to: (1) conduct an annual national study on student technology literacy to determine the extent to which such literacy is attained by grade eight; and (2) update the National Education Technology Plan at least once every five years.

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