To increase the use and research of sustainable building design technology, and for other purposes.


High Performance Buildings Act of 2007 - Amends the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act of 1990 to require that state and local housing strategies include a description of the jurisdiction's strategies to encourage sustainable development for affordable housing.

Authorizes the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to make grants to nonprofit organizations to use for specified purposes to improve or carry out energy efficiency, resource conservation and reuse, and effective use of existing infrastructure in affordable housing and economic development activities in low-income communities.

Establishes within the National Science Foundation a Sustainable Building Institute to undertake or support through providing grants, loans, or other assistance: (1) research regarding the relationships among indoor environmental quality, human health, and human productivity; and (2) research, development, and commercial application of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies for buildings.

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