To protect Indian arts and crafts through the improvement of applicable criminal proceedings, and for other purposes.


Indian Arts and Crafts Amendments Act of 2009 - Amends the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 to: (1) authorize any federal law enforcement officer to conduct an investigation of an offense involving the sale of any good that is misrepresented as an Indian produced good or product that occurs within the jurisdiction of the United States; and (2) authorize the Indian Arts and Crafts Board to refer such an alleged offense to any federal law enforcement officer (currently, just to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)) for appropriate investigation. Permits a federal law enforcement officer to investigate such an alleged offense regardless of whether such officer receives a referral from the Board.

Requires that the findings of an investigation of such an alleged offense by any federal department or agency be submitted to: (1) a federal or state prosecuting authority; or (2) the Board.

Provides for the Board, upon receiving the findings of such an investigation, to: (1) recommend to the Attorney General that criminal proceedings be initiated (current law); and (2) provide such support to the Attorney General relating to the criminal proceedings as the Attorney General determines to be appropriate. Allows the Board, in lieu of, or in addition to, any such criminal proceeding, to recommend that the Attorney General initiate a civil action.

Revises: (1) requirements for the initiation of civil actions for misrepresentation of Indian produced goods; and (2) penalties for the misrepresentation of such goods.

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