To enhance citizen access to Government information and services by establishing that Government documents issued to the public must be written clearly, and for other purposes.


Plain Language Act of 2009 - Requires each executive agency to use plain language in any document (other than a regulation) issued to the public, including documents and other text released in electronic form.

Requires the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to issue guidance on implementing such requirements to agencies as a circular. Authorizes agencies, pending issuance of such guidance, to follow the writing guidelines developed by the Plain Language Action and Information Network or their own guidance as long as it is consistent with such guidelines.

Requires each agency head to report to specified congressional committees on how the agency intends to: (1) communicate the requirements of this Act to employees; (2) train employees to write in plain language; (3) meet the plain language requirement; (4) ensure ongoing compliance with this Act; (5) designate a senior official to be responsible for implementing this Act; and (6) use plain language in regulations promulgated by it. Requires: (1) agency heads to report on compliance to OMB; and (2) the Director of OMB to report on the progress of agencies to such committees.

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