To direct the Secretary of Transportation to establish and collect a fee based on the fair market value of articles imported into the United States and articles exported from the United States in commerce and to use amounts collected from the fee to make grants to carry out certain transportation projects in the transportation trade corridors for which the fee is collected, and for other purposes.


Our Nation's Trade, Infrastructure, Mobility, and Efficiency Act of 2009 or the ON TIME Act of 2009 - Declares that it is the purpose of this Act to: (1) address major transportation investment needs in national trade gateway corridors; (2) reduce freight congestion along current and future trade corridors along surface transportation routes that are or will be congested as a result of current or future growth in international trade; and (3) develop corridors that will increase freight transportation system reliability.

Directs the Secretary of Transportation to assess and collect a national trade gateway corridor fee on each article imported into, and exported from, the United States. Requires collected fees to be deposited in the National Trade Gateway Corridor Fund for projects in the transportation trade corridors for the Customs port of unloading of imported, or loading of exported, articles.

Sets forth requirements with respect to: (1) the allocation ofFund amounts in the form of grants to state departments of transportation to carry out eligible projects in the corridors for the Customs ports of entry; and (2) project selection and eligibility.

Requires the Secretary to establish a transportation trade corridor for each Customs port of entry where fees are collected.

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