To provide for parental notification and intervention in the case of a minor seeking an abortion.


Parental Notification and Intervention Act of 2007 - Prohibits any person or organization from performing, permitting facilities to be used to perform, or assisting in the performance of an abortion on an unemancipated minor unless: (1) written notification is provided to the parents of the minor informing the parents that an abortion has been requested, unless there is clear and convincing evidence of physical abuse of the minor by the parent; (2) there is compliance with a 96-hour waiting period after notice has been received by the parents; and (3) there is compliance with the judicial intervention process. Prescribes penalties of not more than a $1 million fine and/or imprisonment for not more than 10 years for violating such prohibition.

Provides for an exception where a physician without principal responsibility for making the decision to perform the abortion determines that: (1) a medical emergency exists due to a grave, physical disorder or disease that would cause the minor's death if an abortion is not performed; (2) parental notification is not possible as a result of the emergency; and (3) certifications regarding compliance with such rules and the reasons upon which such determinations are based have been entered in the minor's medical records.

Requires parental notification through certified mail or personal delivery.

Authorizes a notified parent to bring an action in federal court which shall enjoin the abortion: (1) until the court's judgment is final; or (2) permanently unless the court determines that granting such relief would be unlawful.

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