To improve sharing of immigration information among Federal, State, and local law enforcement officials, to improve State and local enforcement of immigration laws, and for other purposes.


Scott Gardner Act - Directs the Secretary of Homeland Security to share immigration information with the Attorney General. Requires a joint report from such officials to Congress on improving the performance of federal immigration databases to ensure the prompt entry of immigration information.

Requires: (1) the director of each state and local law enforcement agency to collect and report to the Secretary all immigration and DWI (driving while intoxicated) information collected in the course of normal duties as a condition of receipt of state criminal alien assistance program (SCAAP) funding; (2) such information to appear as a flag on the wants/warrants page of the National Criminal Information Center (NCIC) database; and (3) state or local detention of an arrested flagged alien pending federal transfer.

Amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to: (1) require the Secretary to reimburse the costs of training state and local law enforcement employees on federal immigration laws; and (2) authorize the apprehension and detention of an alien for DWI or a similar violation, as long as the alien is deportable on any other grounds or is an illegal alien. Requires each state motor vehicle administrator to share with the Secretary all information concerning aliens with records of DWI convictions or refusals to take sobriety tests.

Directs the Secretary to submit to Congress a formula for the allocation of federal detention facilities for aliens.

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