To increase the safety for crew and passengers on an aircraft providing emergency medical services.


Air Medical Safety Act - Requires a pilot of an aircraft providing emergency medical services, whenever there is a medical crew on board, regardless of whether there are patients on board, to comply with federal safety operating requirements governing commuter and on demand operations as well as persons on board aircraft.

Requires the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to: (1) initiate a rulemaking to establish a standardized checklist of risk evaluation factors which shall be used by pilots of aircraft providing emergency medical service to determine whether a mission should be accepted; and (2) initiate a collaborative effort with the air medical community to establish performance-based flight dispatch procedures for such pilots and to develop a method to measure compliance with such procedures.

Requires the Administrator to initiate and complete: (1) a feasibility study of requiring flight data and cockpit voice recorders on new and existing aircraft used for emergency medical service operations; and (2) a rulemaking to require such devices on board such aircraft.

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