To amend title 44, United States Code, to require preservation of certain electronic records by Federal agencies, to require a certification and reports relating to Presidential records, and for other purposes.


Electronic Message Preservation Act - Requires the Archivist of the United States to promulgate regulations governing federal agency preservation of electronic messages that are federal records and to periodically review and amend, as necessary, such regulations. Requires such regulations to: (1) require the electronic capture, management, and preservation of such electronic records in accordance with the Federal Records Act; (2) require such records to be retrievable through electronic searches; (3) establish mandatory minimum functional requirements for electronic records management systems and a process to certify federal agency compliance with such requirements; (4) include timelines for federal agency compliance; and (5) include requirements for the capture, management, and preservation of other electronic records.

Requires the Archivist to: (1) establish standards for the management of presidential records during a President's term of office, including records management controls necessary for the capture, management, and preservation of electronic messages and for ensuring that electronic messages are readily accessible for retrieval through electronic searches; (2) certify annually whether records management controls established by a President meet the requirements of the Presidential Records Act; and (3) report annually to specified congressional committees on the status of such certification.

Requires the Archivist to report to Congress on: (1) the volume and format of presidential records deposited into the archival depository; and (2) whether records management controls of a President meet the requirements of this Act and the Presidential Records Act.

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