To reduce youth usage of tobacco products, to enhance State efforts to eliminate retail sales of tobacco products to minors, and for other purposes.


Stop Adolescent Smoking Without Excessive Bureaucracy Act of 2009 - Amends the Public Health Service Act to set forth conditions for the receipt by states of federal substance abuse prevention and treatment grants.

Requires such states to: (1) prohibit a minor from purchasing or receiving a tobacco product or possessing a tobacco product in a public place; and (2) require law enforcement agencies to notify a minor's parent, custodian, or guardian whose name and address is reasonably ascertainable of any such violation.

Requires such states to require any person engaged in the business of distributing tobacco products at retail to implement a program to: (1) notify its employees that state law prohibits the sale or distribution of tobacco products to minors and the purchase, receipt, or possession in a public place of a tobacco product by a minor; and (2) ensure compliance with such law. Directs such states to provide for a civil monetary penalty or community service for violations.

Requires such states to have established goals for reducing the rate of retailer violations. Allows states to use minors to test compliance under certain conditions.

Directs such states to certify expenditure of more than 10% of the funds paid to the state as part of the comprehensive settlement of November 1998 against tobacco manufacturers on health programs, tobacco control and cessation activities, or economic development for tobacco regions.

Requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services to provide assistance to states in developing, enacting, and implementing such laws and in setting goals, including by developing model legislative language.

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