To structure Coast Guard acquisition processes and policies, and for other purposes.


Coast Guard Acquisition Reform Act of 2009 - Prohibits the Coast Guard's commandant from using a private sector entity as a lead systems integrator for acquisition contracts, delivery orders, or task orders, subject to stated exceptions. Requires full and open competition for any acquisition contract unless otherwise excepted under federal acquisition laws and regulations.

Revises Coast Guard acquisition policy, including: (1) by prohibiting initiation of certain acquisition programs without an associated approved operational requirement; (2) by requiring certain contract terms; (3) by requiring the development and regular updating of life-cycle cost estimates for certain acquisitions; (4) by requiring a testing and evaluation master plan for certain acquisitions; (5) regarding cutter capability standards; (6) by restricting contractual actions for which the terms, specifications, or price are not set before performance is begun; (7) regarding pass-through charges; and (8) by requiring alternatives analysis for the acquisition of major capabilities.

Modifies various Coast Guard personnel matters, including: (1) by establishing a Chief Acquisition Officer; (2) by requiring that program managers for certain acquisitions hold a specified acquisition certification; (3) by requiring establishment of a management information system to improve acquisition workforce management and reporting; (4) regarding acquisition career paths; (5) by requiring a program to recognize excellent performance by individuals and teams; (6) regarding selection boards; and (7) by authorizing expedited hiring of Coast Guard acquisition personnel.

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