To express the policy of the United States regarding the United States relationship with Native Hawaiians, to provide a process for the reorganization of a Native Hawaiian government and the recognition by the United States of the Native Hawaiian government, and for other purposes.


Establishes the U.S. Office for Native Hawaiian Affairs (Office) within the Office of the Secretary of the Interior.

Requires the Attorney General to designate a Department of Justice official to assist the Office in the implementation and protection of the rights of Native Hawaiians and their political, legal, and trust relationship with the United States.

Establishes the Native Hawaiian Interagency Task Force to: (1) coordinate federal policies or actions that may significantly or uniquely affect Native Hawaiian resources, rights, or lands; (2) assure that each federal agency develops a policy on consultation with Native Hawaiians; and (3) assure the participation of such agencies in the development of an annual report on the Task Force.

Establishes a process for development of a membership roll for organizing a Native Hawaiian Interim Governing Council and for election of a Native Hawaiian government. Recognizes the right of the Native Hawaiian people to adopt organic governing documents.

Extends federal recognition to the government as the representative governing body of the Native Hawaiian people upon election of officers and certification by the Secretary.

Permits the United States, upon federal recognition of the Native Hawaiian government, to enter into an agreement with the state of Hawaii and such government regarding the transfer of lands, resources, and assets dedicated to Native Hawaiian use.

Prohibits the Native Hawaiian governing entity and Native Hawaiians from conducting gaming activities as a matter of claimed inherent authority or under any federal law, regardless of where the gaming is located.

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