To provide for the establishment of a commission to stimulate and engage in an informed, national, and public dialogue about how to ensure that each student in the United States receives an equitable education that enables the student to achieve his or her maximum academic potential.


The Educational Opportunity and Equity Commission Act of 2009 - Establishes the Educational Opportunity and Equity Commission, composed of the Secretary of Education and 14 individuals appointed by the Secretary who are educational stakeholders or have relevant experience or knowledge.

Tasks the Commission with conducting a study and reporting to Congress on ways to enable all students to achieve their academic potential, with particular emphasis on: (1) ensuring that schools receive adequate resources; (2) developing methods for assessing students' educational needs; and (3) creating innovative strategies for state and local educational agencies to follow to enable students to achieve their academic potential, and to enable such agencies to participate in school funding reform efforts that result in educational equity.

Directs the Commission to conduct outreach programs with communities throughout the nation to engage them in a public dialogue on how to ensurethat their schools enable all students to achieve their academic potential.

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