To clarify the applicability of certain provisions in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, and for other purposes.


Consumer Product Safety Solutions Act of 2009 - Amends the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 to apply the limits on lead in children's products and phthalates in any children's toy or child care article: (1) for a limited time, only to items manufactured after a certain date; and (2) thereafter, to all such items regardless of when manufactured. Requires the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to issue a rule on related testing methodologies.

Allows the CPSC to exclude a specific item from the lead limits if the the CPSC finds that the lead in the item will not result in the absorption of lead into the human body in excess of the limits. (Current law allows the CPSC to so exclude if it will not result in the absorption of any lead into the human body.)

Allows a manufacturer to not test for or certify lead or phthalate limit compliance if each component of the product has been tested and certified by the component's manufacturer.

Authorizes the CPSC to exempt a product or product category from a current requirement to certify compliance with all rules, bans, standards, or regulations under any Act the CPSC enforces if the requirement is unduly burdensome or cost prohibitive in relationship to the product or product category's risk, or not practical due to the product or product category's intended use.

Allows the CPSC to extend the application of, or exempt manufacturers, distributors, or retailers from, any provision of the Act or its amendments if a delay or exemption would better promote public safety and be in the public interest.

Requires the CPSC to develop and make available on its website a guide to assist small businesses in complying with any Act enforced by the CPSC.

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