To amend the Small Business Act to modernize Small Business Development Centers, and for other purposes.


Small Business Development Centers Modernization Act of 2009 - Amends the Small Business Act relating to small business development centers (SBDCs) (centers established through the Small Business Administration [SBA] to provide advisory, operational, and technical assistance to small businesses) to: (1) require institutions of higher education that are provided SBDC grants to be accredited; (2) require SBDC employee hirings to be independent of input or approval from SBA officers or employees; (3) eliminate a matching funds requirement with respect to SBDC grant programs conducted in areas in which a disaster has occurred; and (4) limit grant distributions with respect to two or more SBDCs located in the same state.

Directs the SBA to establish the following SBDC grant programs: (1) access to credit and capital; (2) procurement training and assistance; (3) green entrepreneurs training; and (4) main street stabilization.

Prohibits funds recovered under an SBDC program through fees assessed to small business clients from being considered matching funds.

Authorizes appropriations for the SBDC program for FY2010-FY2011.

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