To establish an Office of Public Advocate within the Department of Justice to provide services and guidance to citizens in dealing with concerns involving the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and for other purposes.


Energy Regulatory Public Protection Act - Establishes within the Department of Justice an Office of Public Advocate to represent the interests of members of the general public affected by regulatory matters before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), other FERC-related matters before other federal regulatory agencies, or any court of competent jurisdiction.

Makes it the duty of the Office to: (1) receive and assess comments from all interested parties with respect to project applications before FERC; submit such comments to FERC, together with findings and recommendations, regarding the outcome, terms, and conditions of an application for approval; (3) review applicant compliance with FERC orders; (4) seek full compliance with an order through the FERC or a court if the applicant fails to comply and such noncompliance is harmful to the health, safety, and welfare of affected parties; and (5) undertake appeal of any FERC order it deems harmful to the heath,safety, or welfare of affected parties.

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