To provide effective employment, training, and career and technical education programs and to address barriers that result from family responsibilities, and to encourage and support individuals to enter nontraditional occupational fields.


Pathways Advancing Career Training Act - Authorizes the Secretary of Labor to make formula matching grants to states with approved plans for programs that provide preparatory and supportive services, information on career and technical education, training, pre-apprenticeship assistance, and related services, including tuition assistance, to: (1) single parents and displaced homemakers; and (2) individuals pursuing nontraditional training and employment in fields where individuals from one gender compose less than 25% of workers.

Requires the Secretary, through the award of competitive grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements with an independent institution of higher education, public or private nonprofit organization, or state agency, to conduct at least one multi-site evaluation of such programs.

Requires eligible state agencies to administer such programs, make competitive subgrants to eligible entities, and identify certain core indicators of performance.

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