To establish programs to provide counseling to homebuyers regarding voluntary home inspections and to train counselors to provide such counseling, and for other purposes.


Consumer Protection Home Inspection Counseling Act of 2009 - Requires the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to establish a comprehensive program to train HUD staff, contractors, individuals, and entities that provide housing counseling under specified HUD-funded programs also to provide counseling to consumers on voluntary home inspection.

Requires the Secretary to develop a new independent protocol, or amend existing protocols, to certify that such housing counselors have successfully completed training using the voluntary home inspection training module and counseling aids established and developed pursuant to this Act. Limits authorized counseling to certified counselors.

Directs the Secretary to take necessary action to make such training module and counseling aids known to state and local governments, nonprofit organizations, consumer organizations, and the general public.

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