To assist States in making voluntary high quality universal prekindergarten programs available to 3- to 5-year olds for at least 1 year preceding kindergarten.


Prepare All Kids Act of 2009 - Creates a part I (High Quality Prekindergarten Programs) under title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. Implements such part by requiring the Secretary of Education to establish a Prekindergarten Incentive Fund from which matching grants shall be awarded to states and, through them, subgrants to qualified prekindergarten providers to establish, expand, or enhance voluntary high quality full-day prekindergarten programs serving children ages three through five.

Directs state grantees to set aside: (1) at least 15% of their grant for quality early childhood development programs for children ages zero through three; and (2) at least 10% of their grant to extend the hours of early childhood programs to create extended day and year programs.

Requires prekindergarten subgrantees to: (1) maintain a maximum class size of 20 children, with at least 1 prekindergarten teacher per classroom; and (2) ensure that the ratioof children to prekindergarten teachers and teacher aides does not exceed 10 to 1.

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