To amend title XI of the Social Security Act to provide that annual Social Security account statements indicate, in estimating the level of projected benefits of eligible individuals, the effect on such benefits levels of benefit reductions which may be necessary, in the absence of future legislative remedies, by reason of anticipated insolvency of the Social Security Trust Funds.


More Transparent and Honest Communications with American Workers Reform Act of 2009 - Amends title XI of the Social Security Act to revise requirements for estimates of potential old-age insurance benefits in Social Security account statements eligible individuals may request.

Directs the Commissioner of Social Security, in any case in which the projections of future levels of receipts and disbursements of the Social Security Trust Funds indicate that the balance in the Funds may become insufficient to pay benefits in full when due, to indicate in benefits estimates the percentage reduction in payment level that could result without intervening enactment of remedies by Congress.

Requires Social Security account statements also to: (1) estimate projected benefits for each eligible individual, assuming the current earnings rate and assuming, in the alternative, retirement at age 62, at the applicable normal retirement age, and at age 70; and (2) set forth a separate schedule of such estimated projected benefits reflecting any percentage reduction in the case of each retirement alternative which would occur after the future date of Trust Fund insufficiency.

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