To eliminate the backlog in performing DNA analyses of DNA samples collected from convicted child sex offenders, and for other purposes.


Convicted Child Sex Offender DNA Index System Support Act - Requires the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to develop a plan to assist states in performing DNA analyses of samples collected from convicted child sex offenders, with the objective of eliminating the backlog of samples awaiting analysis in state or local forensic laboratory storage and providing for entry of those analyses into the combined DNA Indexing System (CODIS).

Provides that the plan shall require that: (1) the Director establish requirements for the performance of DNA analyses by private forensic laboratories; (2) only laboratories determined to satisfy such requirements perform DNA analyses; (3) the Director provide assistance only pursuant to arrangements with those laboratories; and (4) each DNA sample collected and analyzed be accessible only under specified circumstances for criminal justice agencies, in judicial proceedings, for a criminal defendant, or for validation studies and protocol development purposes.

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