To prevent the fraudulent use of social security account numbers by allowing the sharing of social security data among agencies of the United States for identity theft prevention and immigration enforcement purposes, and for other purposes.


Social Security Number Fraud and Identity Theft Prevention Act - Amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to authorize the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Secretary of Labor, and the Attorney General to require an individual to provide the individual's Social Security account number for inclusion in any: (1) record of the individual maintained by either such Secretary or the Attorney General; or (2) any application, document, or form provided under or required by the immigration laws. (Currently, the Attorney General is authorized to require any alien to provide a Social Security account number for inclusion in any record maintained by the Attorney General or the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services.)

Requires the Commissioner of Social Security, if a Social Security account number has been used multiple times, to provide the DHS Secretary with information regarding: (1) the name, date of birth, and address of each individual who used the same Social Security account number; and (2) the name and address of the person reporting the earnings for each such individual.

Requires the Commissioner to provide such information to the DHS Secretary, in an electronic form, if more than one person reports earnings for an individual during a single tax year.

Directs the Commissioner, at the DHS Secretary's request and expense, to perform and report on a search or manipulation of Social Security Commission records if the Secretary certifies that the purpose is to obtain information likely to assist in identifying individuals (and their employers) who are: (1) using false names or Social Security account numbers; (2) sharing a single valid name and Social Security account number among multiple individuals; (3) using the Social Security account number of a person who is deceased, too young to work, or not authorized to work; or (4) otherwise engaged in a violation of the immigration laws.

Declares inadmissible to receive visasand to be admitted to the United States any alien who falsely represents himself or herself to be a U.S. national for any purpose or benefit under immigration and nationality or any other federal or state law.

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