To ensure the continuation and improvement of coastal restoration.


Community Beaches Protection Act - Rewrites provisions regarding the federal shore protection program to: (1) provide for the protection and restoration of beaches and other coastal infrastructure, as well as shore protection; and (2) include the purpose of promoting healthful recreation.

Includes among areas to be given preference: (1) areas where regional sediment management plans have been adopted; and (2) areas that promote human health and safety and the quality of life.

Directs the Secretary of the Army to pay the federal share of the cost of carrying out shore protection projects and research that encourages the protection, restoration, and enhancement of shores, sandy beaches, and other coastal infrastructure. Sets forth revised provisions regarding the federal share of the cost, which shall be equal for beach erosion control projects for purposes of recreation or for storm damage protection or environmental restoration.

Directs the Secretary,at the request of a nonfederal interest and with congressional approval, to extend the period of federal participation in certain shore protection projects.

Amends the Water Resources Development Act of 1986 to prohibit the Secretary from: (1) soliciting contributions, in excess of the nonfederal share assigned to specified project purposes, from nonfederal interests for costs of constructing authorized projects; or (2) conditioning federal participation on the receipt of such contributions.

Makes permanent the national shoreline erosion control development and demonstration program. Requires the program to include provisions for technology transfers to educational institutions. Authorizes the Secretary to enter into cost-sharing agreements with nonfederal interests, and to modify existing shoreline protection projects, under specified circumstances.

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