Recognizing the importance of autism awareness, supporting efforts to increase funding for research into the causes and treatment of autism and to improve training and support for individuals with autism and those who care for individuals with autism.


Commends the parents and relatives of individuals with autism for their sacrifice and dedication in providing for the special needs of individuals with autism. Expresses support for: (1) increasing federal funding for research; (2) the federal government's commitment to provide states with 40% of the costs needed to educate children with disabilities; and (3) the government's commitment to fund services through Medicaid to eligible autistic individuals.

Recognizes: (1) the need to begin early intervention services soon after a child has been diagnosed; (2) that individuals with autism should have the opportunity to lead rewarding lives; (3) the shortage of appropriately trained professionals; and (4) the importance of worker training programs tailored to the needs of developmentally disabled persons.

Joins with members of the United Nations in promoting awareness of autism spectrum disorders in all regions of the world.>

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