Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to Congressional succession.


Constitutional Amendment - Requires the election of an Alternate Representative along with a Representative, selected by him or her, as well as an Alternate Senator along with a Senator, selected by the latter. Provides that upon the death, resignation, expulsion, failure to qualify, or inability to discharge the appropriate powers and duties of a person elected as Representative or Senator, such duties and powers shall be discharged by his or her designated successor as Acting Representative or Acting Senator until the Representative-elect or Senator-elect qualifies or a new Representative or Senator is elected.

Authorizes each chamber, in the absence of a quorum for three days or more, to declare all of its members who have not recorded their presence during such period to be unable to discharge the powers and duties of their offices. Requires such powers and duties, in that circumstance, to be discharged by the member's Alternate until such member records his or her presence.

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