H.AMDT.212 to H.R.2847

An amendment numbered 8 printed in the Congressional Record to increase the appropriation to the International Trade Administration by $500,000 and to decrease the appropriation for the Bureau of the Census by $500,000.

Amends: H.R.2847
Sponsor: Rep Bordallo, Madeleine Z. [GU](offered 6/17/2009)

An amendment numbered 19 printed in the congressional Record to increase appropriations for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration operations, research, and facilities by $500,000 and decrease appropriations for the Department of Commerce salaries and expenses by $500,000.


    6/17/2009 3:26pm:
    Amendment (A003) offered by Ms. Bordallo. (consideration: CR H6920-6922, H6933-6934; text: H6920)
    6/17/2009 4:56pm:
    On agreeing to the Bordallo amendment (A003) Agreed to by recorded vote: 411 - 14 (Roll no. 353).

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