To amend the Homeland Security Act to require that uniforms, protective gear, badges, and identification cards of personnel be manufactured in the United States.


Department of Homeland Security Secure American Federal Equipment Procurement Act or the DHS SAFE Procurement Act - Amends the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to prohibit the use of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funds for the procurement of any of the following items that are not manufactured in the United States: (1) uniforms; (2) protective gear; (3) badges or other insignia indicating rank, office, or position; and (4) identification cards.

Makes exceptions: (1) where the Secretary determines that satisfactory quality and sufficient quantity of the article cannot be procured as and when needed at U.S. market prices (in which case the Secretary shall notify the House and Senate homeland security committees and include a certification that manufacturing the article outside the United States does not pose a risk to national security and an explanation of steps required by the manufacturer to ensure that any elements used for the article are not misappropriated);(2) for acquisitions at or below the micro-purchase threshold; and (3) for acquisitions outside the United States for use outside the United States.

Makes this Act applicable notwithstanding any presidential waiver of discriminatory purchasing requirements under the Trade Agreements Act of 1979.

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