To promote more humane treatment of farm animals.


Farm Animal Stewardship Purchasing Act - Prohibits the federal government from purchasing any product derived from a covered animal unless the animal is raised with: (1) adequate shelter which allows the animal to stand, lie down, walk, and turn around completely and fully extend all limbs or wings without touching any part of an enclosure or other animal; (2) daily access to adequate food and water; (3) adequate veterinary care; and (4) in the case of a mammal, the offspring of a dam that was kept in compliance with such provisions during pregnancy.

States that this Act shall not apply to a covered animal: (1) during lawful transport; (2) in lawful rodeo exhibitions, state or county fair exhibitions, or other similar exhibitions; (3) in lawful scientific or agricultural research; (4) undergoing veterinary care; or (5) in the case of a sow, during the seven day period prior to the date the sow is expected to give birth.

Defines "covered animal" as any non-aquatic farm animal, including a pig, head of bison or cattle, chicken, turkey, duck, goose, goat, sheep, rabbit, ostrich, emu, or rhea intended for food production use.

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