To prohibit Mexico-domiciled motor carriers from operating beyond United States municipalities and commercial zones on the United States-Mexico border until certain conditions are met to ensure the safety of such operations.


NAFTA Trucking Safety Act of 2007 - Prohibits a Mexico-domiciled motor carrier from being granted authority to operate beyond U.S. municipalities and commercial zones on the U.S.-Mexico border until one or more of the following officials as specified (the Secretaries of Transportation and of Homeland Security and the Department of Transportation Inspector General) certify to Congress that they have met conditions pertaining to: (1) the identification of federal motor carrier safety regulations and acceptance of compliance with Mexican safety regulations; (2) safety enforcement tools; (3) effective and regular monitoring and enforcement of immigration and customs regulations regarding international traffic under the North American Free Trade Agreement; (4) penalties for violation of immigration and customs laws or regulations concerning transportation by Mexico-domiciled carriers; (5) driver records databases used in Mexico; (6) compliance with conditions listed in the Department of Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2002 concerning cross-border trucking safety; and (7) English language proficiency requirements applicable to drivers.

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