To require the President to develop a plan containing dates certain for the commencement and completion of a phased redeployment of United States Armed Forces from Iraq, and for other purposes.


Directs the President to transmit to Congress a plan for the commencement and completion by the Secretary of Defense of a phased redeployment of U.S. Armed Forces from Iraq, as well as an outline of how the redeployment process will take place, in accordance with specified factors.

Encourages the government of Iraq to vote on the approval or disapproval of the plan.

Prohibits the Secretary, after such redeployment, from deploying or maintaining U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq for any purpose other than: (1) protecting U.S. diplomatic facilities and U.S. citizens; (2) serving in roles consistent with customary diplomatic positions; (3) engaging in targeted special actions of killing or capturing members of al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations with global reach; and (4) training members of the Iraqi Security Forces.

Requires the President to make and transmit to Congress certain determinations in connection with the phased redeployment.

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