To address security risks posed by global climate change, and for other purposes.


Global Climate Change Security Oversight Act - Requires the Director of National Intelligence to submit to Congress a National Intelligence Estimate on the anticipated geopolitical effects of global climate change and the implications of such effects on U.S. national security.

Requires the Director to prepare the estimate using the mid-range projections of the fourth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to make assessments and recommendation concerning the risks posed by global warming and the security implications, opportunities, and consequences of global warming.

Requires the Secretary of Defense to report to Congress on the projected impact on the military installations, capabilities, and operations of the effects of global climate change as assessed in the estimate and to recommend research and analysis needed to further assess the impacts on the military of global climate change as assessed in the estimate.

Expresses thesense of Congress that the Secretary should address the findings of the estimate regarding the impact of global climate change and potential implications of such impact on the Armed Forces and for the size, composition, and capabilities of Armed Forces in the next Quadrennial Defense Review.

Requires the Secretary of State to report to Congress on the potential for: (1) large migration flows in countries of strategic interest or humanitarian concern as a response to changes in climate and the implications for U.S. security interests; and (2) diplomatic opportunities and challenges facing U.S. policy makers as a result of social, economic, or political responses of groups or nations to global changing climate.

Authorizes the Secretary of Defense to research the impacts of global climate change on military operations, doctrine, organization, training, material, logistics, personnel, and facilities, and the actions needed to address those impacts.

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