To clarify the applicability of State law to national banks and Federal savings associations, and for other purposes.


Preservation of Federalism in Banking Act - Amends the Revised Statutes of the United States and the Home Owners' Loan Act to declare applicable to either a national bank or federal savings association any consumer protection in state consumer law of general application (including unfair or deceptive acts or practices, consumer fraud law and repossession, foreclosure, and collection).

Declares that when a national bank or federal savings association avails itself of state law for its benefit, all related consumer protections in such state law shall apply.

Declares applicable to a national bank or federal savings association: (1) state banking or thrift laws enacted pursuant to federal law; and (2) state laws providing greater protection in high cost mortgage loans (predatory mortgage loans).

Permits the Comptroller of the Currency to preempt state law only when a comparable federal statute or regulation pursuant to a federal statute, other than this Act, expressly governs the activity.

States that any federal law relating to visitorial powers or which otherwise limits or restricts the supervisory, examination, or regulatory authority to which a national bank or federal savings association is subject shall not be construed as restricting the authority of any chief state law enforcement officer to bring an action on behalf of state residents to enforce federal or state law, or to seek relief and recover damages for violations by a national bank or federal savings association.

Prescribes procedural guidelines requiring the Comptroller and the Director of the Office of Thrift Supervision to record and monitor consumer complaints regarding either a national bank or a federal savings association, respectively.

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