To extend Federal recognition to the Muscogee Nation of Florida.


Muscogee Nation of Florida Federal Recognition Act - Extends federal recognition to the Muscogee Nation of Florida (the Nation).

Makes the Nation and its members eligible for all services and benefits provided by the federal government to federally recognized Indian tribes. Considers, for the purpose of the delivery of federal services to members, the service area of the Nation to be: (1) the community of Bruce in Walton County, Florida; and (2) an area in Florida in which members reside that is bordered on the west by the Escambia River and on the east by the St. Marks River.

Declares that the constitution and bylaws of the Nation shall be the constitution and bylaws of the Nation's Tribal Council dated January 21, 2001 (including amendments). Instructs the Secretary of the Interior, upon receipt of a written request of the Tribal Council, to hold a referendum for members to adopt a new constitution and bylaws.

Specifies the role and duties of the Tribal Council.

Requires that the membership roll of the Nation be determined in accordance with the membership criteria established by the ordinance of the Nation numbered 04-01-100 and dated February 7, 2004.

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