To establish the Southwest Regional Border Authority.


Southwest Regional Border Authority Act - Establishes the Southwest Regional Border Authority. Requires the Authority to: (1) develop plans and programs for the economic development of the Southwest border region (specified counties in California, New Mexico, and Texas); (2) conduct and sponsor investigations, research, and studies of the resources of the region; (3) sponsor up to 10 authorized demonstration projects; (4) enhance the capacity of and support for local development districts; (5) review, study, and recommend appropriate modifications to federal, state, and local development programs for the region; and (6) encourage private investment in the region.

Authorizes the Authority to approve grants for regional infrastructure development and improvement, technology development and deployment, community development and entrepreneurship, and education and workforce development. Provides funding. Requires the Authority to allocate at least 60% of the amounts authorized under this Act for programs and projects to serve the needs of distressed counties and isolated areas of distress within counties along the U.S.-Mexican border. Authorizes the Authority to increase the federal share to up to 90% of a project's total cost (to aid communities that could not otherwise meet matching funds requirements). Requires the Authority to make grants to local development districts for administrative expenses.

Directs: (1) the Authority to designate distressed counties, economically strong counties, attainment counties, competitive counties, and isolated areas of distress within the region; and (2) each affected state to submit to the Authority an annual development plan for the appropriate state area within the region.

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