To grant a right of first refusal to the Town of Jupiter Island, Florida, with respect to Coast Guard property on Jupiter Island, and for other purposes.


Grants the town of Jupiter Island, Florida, the right of first refusal to select and take without consideration fee simple title to real property within the jurisdiction of the town comprising specified parcels (Bon Air Beach lots 259 and 260 located at 83 North Beach Road and Bon Air Beach lots 261 and 267), including any improvements thereon that are not authorized or required by another provision of law to be conveyed to another person.

Allows the Commandant of the Coast Guard to identify, describe, and determine the property referred to above that is subject to the right of the town under this Act.

Prohibits such property from being conveyed until the Commandant determines that the property is not needed to carry out Coast Guard operations.

Requires any property conveyed under this Act to be used by the town solely for conservation of habitat and as protection against damage from wind, tidal, and wave energy.

Provides for reversion to the U.S. government if such property is used for purposes other than conservation.

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