To establish the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, to provide funding for the support of fundamental agricultural research of the highest quality, and for other purposes.


National Institute of Food and Agriculture Act of 2007 - Establishes within the Department of Agriculture the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, which shall be an agency composed of a Director (who shall be an agricultural researcher and scientist) and a Standing Council of Advisors.

Authorizes the Director to establish standing committees. Requires the Director to establish: (1) an Office of Advanced Science and Application which shall monitor national needs and advances in research to identify problems for which solutions are realistically achievable through research; (2) an Office of Scientific Assessment and Liaison which shall monitor programs and expenditures; and (3) an Office of Scientific Personnel which shall assess the number of, and need for additional, agricultural scientists in the United States.

Directs the Institute to provide grants to support and promote the highest quality of fundamental agricultural research, including grants to fundresearch proposals submitted by: (1) individual scientists; (2) research centers composed of a single institution or multiple institutions; and (3) other individuals and entities from the private and public sectors, including Department and other federal researchers.

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